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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

“I never was, never am and never want to be, god willingly, dependent on any anybody not even my family…”. This is what independence means to Monica di. To this petite frail looking lady from a sleepy little village in the Nadia district of West Bengal, life has always been a struggle but she wanted to live the struggle on her own terms. The high schooler was passionate about sewing & embroidery, her only love. She saw empowerment in the form of sewing diploma, which eventually became her ticket to a life in Kolkata.

After working a few years in a garment factory as a daily wager, the dream of a good life still eluded her. Monica decided to arm herself with a nursing diploma in hopes of a better life. The nursing school came with its own expenses & the decision to choose between Training as a nurse and her daily wages was tough. She requested the factory owner to let her work in the evening shift. With great difficulty she finished the course but finding employment as a nurse was not easy especially for a Tuberculosis survivor.

The disease was harsh enough and the stigma only added to it. But our Monica di did not give up, after doing a few odd jobs she secured a job as a medical attendant especially for senior citizens. With her hard work and diligence and a few good references she found jobs as a Nanny in Bangalore and Kolkata. Just when she thought she had fought enough battles in her life and could take a breather; she had to forfeit the one room house in Kolkata which she had built with all her savings. Eventually she came into our lives as a Nanny for our little Hrusha and ever since has been an inseparable part of our lives.

Despite all these up and downs there is one thing which has kept her smiling - her love for sewing and embroidery. She calls her passion for sewing a ‘Nasha’. Irrespective of how busy her day is she finds time for her needle & thread.To her, her love for sewing and embroidery is like worship.Her kantha embroidery sarees are truly a labour of love - a love which was never forgotten no matter how arduous the journey of life has been. As a tribute to her unrelenting spirit, sharing her story & labour of love.

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